Interfacing Audio and Images

Works introducing the digital embrace between audio and images.

MEIOSIS / 1990

A synthetic contemplation of meiosis. The texture animation was programmed by Bob in IrisGL on an SGI Onyx running IRIX.
The score was programmed in Turbo C on an Atari ST. Both computers were connected via a serial RS232 connection.
Michael Saup and Bob O’Kane 1990

DRUM / 1990

An algorithmic drum battle introducing artist Achim Wollscheid acting as a parapsychologist employing the Zener test for extrasensory perception. The film sequence from my film “paradays” was stored on an Abekas A60 harddiskrecorder, at the time the only option to access 1 minute of video in realtime, and was accessed by a C program from an Atari ST, that created the soundtrack on the fly. Film sequences were not cut, but rather controlled and reorganised in time. The algorithm was inspired by the Period Three Theorem of bifurcation.
Michael Saup 1990

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